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About Us

We started as a family business over 30 years ago and the company is now managed by the second generation, still in love with food!We absolutely understand food, our market and the demands of discerning customers both in the UK
and Europe.

In developing our snack foods we assess growing food trends, perfect our recipes and manufacturing techniques to ensure products feel ‘home-made’ and benchmark our products against any competition with one simple aim: to make ours the best they can be. All this work is done in-house and New Product Development is a core part of our identity.

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We carefully source our ingredients and continually benchmark our food to ensure our unique and delicious home-style snacks meet our exacting standards. We take pride in what we do. UPB Products is a UK based manufacturer that has been producing classic Asian snack foods for the retail, wholesale and foodservice markets in the UK and Europe since 1988.

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We source and uses only the finest natural ingredients: fresh herbs and spices and no artificial flavorings or colourants.

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We constantly explore new ideas and food trends. With our new in-house product development kitchen and over 30 years of experience, we are confident in meeting the demands of discerning customers in the UK and Europe. As a family business we are committed to our passion for great food!

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